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CD Packaging: Making an Impact with Standard Packaging

Make a Sales Impact with ACE

CD Packaging by ACE

Standard Solutions where Quality and Price are a Concern

Quality counts.  Price counts.  Both are equally important. That is why we at ACE provide quality-oriented and very standard solutions, priced competitively.

Your packaging dollar provides you with top-shelf product provided by industry veterans who know what you need.

With music being an impulse sale creating that first impression that draws your customer is paramount to helping you boost your CD music sales.  It’s that simple.

Make that great first impression using any one of our CD Jewel and Poly Cases.  From the standard 12.5mm CD Jewel Case to the 5.2mm Slim Case to our 10.5mm Poly Case and our CD Round Poly.


Why recreate the wheel?  When you can create your next music project using any one of our quality and competitively priced cases.  Check out our selection.  You will be glad you did.


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