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Foolproof & Pilfer Proof Packaging

Foolproof & Pilfer Proof Packaging. Keep your retail goods safe

Foolproof DVD Packaging

Presenting the ACE CASE

You’re going to be hearing a lot more about a revolutionary anti-theft locking mechanism that safely secures DVD and CD discs in a storage box.

The patented packaging device, introduced by ACE Premiere Products, eliminates the need for additional locking or security protection on optical disc storage cases, according to Jun Flores, president of the Canyon Country California company.

When closed the combination of nest, finger footholds and security nubs hold your product in and unwanted tampering out.
When closed the combination of nest, finger footholds and security nubs hold your product in and unwanted tampering out.

“It’s foolproof, and it turns away the casual theft of product from packaged cases,” he said.  “Compared to other alternatives, like the popsicle stick, our case was designed with this feature in mind; it’s not an afterthought.”

The product line of anti-theft packaging could be the start of something big.  That’s the way a good many retailers and merchandisers are talking after seeing ACE Premiere’s heralded ACE Case, a unique DVD and CD storage case product line with its anti-theft locking mechanism that secures single or multiple discs in a one-box design.

The good news,”Flores said, “is that the anti-theft device really works.  The even better news,” he added, “is that it gives cost-conscious customers value and security at cost-effective prices.”

3 Foolproof Steps to Remove the Disc

Here’s how it works:

Compatible for either DVDs or CDs, the “rosette-less” design prevents tilt and eliminates pressure on individual discs in the multi-layered stacking format.  A self-centering mechanism holds discs safely in a “nest” until use.

Using the nest, with raised walls, in conjunction with finger footholds and anti-theft nubs, the discs remain secure.  The walls around the finger footholds prevent premature release of product, and while the box is closed it is virtually impossible to dislodge the discs from their nest until the box is completely open.

The anti-theft ACE Case line includes the ACE Classic, which holds a single optical dis; the ACE multi, which holds 1, 2 or 3 discs, the ACE Portfolio, capable of holding 4 to 9 discs and the ACE Library, capable of holding four to twelve discs in a compact display.

The finger foothold tab release allows easier removal or replacement of discs with security and ease in a one-hand operation.  The ACE Multi, Portfolio and Library hold multiple discs on one side of the box without inserts or modification to the case.

All four storage cases comply with VSDA specifications for all optical disc formats, including DVD, CD, CD-ROM and CD-R.

Special reinforcements and the flexible packaging spine prevent collapsing walls that can damage discs during shipment.  A clear plastic sleeve allows full graphics on front, back and spine with ample room for booklets and inserts.


“Our purpose is to create cost-efficient, practical packaging solutions that attractively display products without sacrificing budgets and profit margins,” Flores stated.

“The ACE Case line is small enough to maximize dollars per retail square-foot yet large enough to stand out among other standard packaging,” he said.  “Retailers, suppliers and packaging bundlers can save as much as 80 percent in fulfillment and assembly costs compared to other packaging alternatives.”

ACE manufactures and markets DVD and CD storage cases and products as well as packaging accessories for the data storage market.  It has molding capabilities in California and abroad to supply quality, cost-effective products and specialized accessories to customers worldwide.

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