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Packaging Draws an ACE

ACE Multi 3 Case. Store 1-3 discs using our patented design in a standard sized DVD Case

Unique Products for DVD/CD

DVD Packaging by ACE

ACE Premiere Products is introducing the revolutionary ACE Case, a unique DVD and CD storage case product line with a patented anti-theft locking mechanism that safely secures single or multiple optical discs in a one-box design, announced Jun Flores, president.

The ACE Case line includes the ACE Classic which holds a single optical disc; the ACE Multi, which holds 1, 2 or 3 discs; and the ACE Library, capable of holding four to twelve discs in a compact display.  The ACE Case uses a “finger foothold” tab release that allows easier removal or replacement of discs with security and ease in a one-hand operation.

Compatible for either DVDs or CDs, the “rosette-less” design of ACE Case Products prevents tilt and eliminates pressure on the individual discs in the multi-layered stacking format.  A self-centering mechanism holds discs safely in a “nest” until use.

Among the most distinctive features of the ACE Case, the one most favored, especially by retailers, is the anti-theft mechanism.

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