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The landscape of the Music Industry has changed over the past 15 years from being run by large corporations like Time-Warner and Universal to small, niche record promoters and individuals. In fact a “prosumer” with a single workstation and a copy of Pro Tools* can edit, compile and create professional sounding music quickly and economically. The question remains how to create similarly impactful packaging.

Introducing the EvPak Mailer from ACE.

Created for “One-off” and Short-Run projects, the EvPak Mailer is your answer for those individuals that want to create a unique package on the budget. It’s easy.   Insert the disc into the tray; place the tray into the EvPak Mailer, pull the “Peel-n-Stick” strip and seal it closed.  And you’re done.  EvPak flaps hold the disc and tray in place.

  • Fill a lucrative niche long overlooked and neglected.
  • Add value to your list of services.
  • Create customer loyalty by bringing the project in-house and under your control.

The EvPak Mailer is made from thick paperboard stock.  Try the EvPak today. Promote EvPak to your most valued, niche clients for short-run projects. You won’t be disappointed.

Contact your ACE Sales Representative or Distributor directly at 866.235.9123 or email us at [email protected] and ask for your EvPak Mailer today.

Packaged:  50 EvPAK Mailer sets (50 D-frame trays + 50 EvPAK Mailers)
Weight:  10 lbs.

Refer to our speciations for additional information:  API-0910MOPPP – EvPAK Speciation Sheet

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs


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