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The ACE Library Case Your 31mm Answer to Package up to 12/15 Discs

ACE Library Case

Stack-able Storage Solutions from ACE

Presenting the ACE Library Case

ACE Library with Discs
ACE Library shown with Discs

Package up to 12/15 DVD Discs using ACE’s own Library Case.  Impossible say some.

Not Really, says ACE.

How is this possible?  With our patented design store 12 to 15 discs comfortably in a case that has the length and width of a standard DVD Case but with a thickness of a 31mm (a little under 1 1/4 inch) spine.

Stacking will scratch a disc you say?  “Not if they follow the Sony/Philip’s CD and DVD specifications,” says ACE.  All discs and I mean all discs have what is called a stacking ring.  This is to prevent a vacuum created when two flat surfaces lay on top of each other.  No stacking ring means discs will tend to stick to one another.  The stacking ring prevents this from happening and it offers additional protection to the discs that are transported stacked from molding stations to print stations, and even shipped in bulk to packagers and fulfillment houses.

If you ever bought CD-Rs or DVD-Rs in bulk, ” says Flores, President of ACE,  “ever wonder why the discs are never scratched?  The same reason your discs won’t scratch using our cases.

Quality Product based on Cost Effective Ideals

A reinforced nest with beefy spring locks hold your discs in place during shipment and your product arrives to your customer intact.
A reinforced nest with beefy spring locks hold your discs in place during shipment and your product arrives to your customer intact.

Consider the savings using packaging like the ACE Library case in your next project.

Save money on the packaging but more importantly, save money in the fulfillment using our packaging.  No need to flip “pages” inserting discs.  Instead fewer touches mean fewer mistakes which translates to a better bottom line.

“Cost savings is only one piece to this puzzle,” says Flores.  “The other is our nest design that encapsulates the disc stack.”  The nest holds your media in place during shipments and allows your product to arrive intact, unscathed, and in place ready to be used.  “No one ever thinks about the product arriving damaged, until it happens to them,” says Flores.  “Then the cost is not just double but triple because of the return and the replacement of the product.”  Both a seasoned company and fledgling media business can benefit from all these tangible and intangible savings.

Bottom line, the ACE Library Case should be considered your next package for your multi disc project.  Call us at 866-235-9123 and speak to one of our qualified and informed sales staff and find out how ACE can help you save on your next project.

Find out more about the ACE Library Case.  API-0212L — ACE Library Case

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