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Go ACE for DVD Products

ACE DVD product packaging

Go ACE for DVD Products

ACE Premiere Products is an established packaging business that manufactures and markets DVD and CD storage cases and products as well as packaging accessories for the global optical disc market. Formed by Jun Flores, an experienced sales-marketing executive in the electronics-optical disc industries, ACE Premiere Products has molding capabilities both within California and abroad in order to supply quality, cost-effective products and specialized accessories to customers worldwide.

The initial product line was the ACE Case, a family of storage cases with a unique anti-theft locking mechanism that safely secures single or multiple optical discs within a singular box design. It uses a finger foothold tab release that allows for easier removal or replacement of discs with security and ease that requires the use of only one hand. This design helps to eliminate the too common issues of broken centers and loose discs.

The ACE Case includes the ACE Classic (which holds a single optical disc), the ACE Multi (holds one to three discs), and the ACE Library (capable of holding four to twelve discs in a compact display).


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