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Who I am and Why I am here.

Who I am and Why I am here

Who I am.

  • Industry veteran with over 20 years experience in packaging.  Specifically Audio, CD and DVD packaging.
  • Ex-Plastic Injection Molding subcontractor to companies like Maxell, Sony Magnetics, and TDK.
  • Creator of the “Cake Box.”  It’s a clam-shell capable of holding 25, 30, 50 or 100 CD-Rs in a single retail container.  If you ever bought one of them or burned a disc then I probably did business with you or indirectly through folks like Memorex.
  • My background is accounting but I have been raised like a lot of folks like me in this industry.  Blame our parents who wanted a “chip off the old block.”  My dad was an ex-Capitol man who struck it out on his own back in the mid 1970’s also focusing almost exclusively in the audio market.

Why I am here.

  • I am here to educate customers about our products and offerings.
  • I am here to open your eyes to alternative forms of packaging to offer a little more appeal at the point-of-sale.  You have to realize that music and even entertainment is very impulse driven.  If you don’t have immediate appeal — slick, shiny outer packaging like some cool graphic or eye-catching design you typically get overlooked.  Determining what drives your market is half the battle.  Put simply you may have a great product but if your customer cannot find you or know where to look you will get lost in the shuffle.  It’s my job to present your product in the very best light and offer you the best opportunity to convert a sale.
  • My solution is simple.  I provide very functional, attractive, cost-effective cases.  Cost-effective in the sense assembly can be minimized therefore fewer mistakes at fulfillment.  Fewer mistakes mean fewer returns.  Fewer returns mean more money to your bottom line.  That savings can then be invested in some sort of cool outer sleeve or eye-catching graphic to help facilitate that impulse sale or simply reinvested in your next big project.
  • If you wish to find out more about what I do and why I do it, please consult my blog at

Join me.  We can help you and your product look good.

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